Orlando Dominguez, DMD

Dr. Orlando Dominguez, DMD | Orthodontics

Dr Dominguez comes from a professional family-two uncles, two cousins and a grandfather were physicians, his mother was a dentist. He obtained his B.S> from Auburn University, Alabama he finished graduate school in the University of Florida and received his doctorate degree dentistry from the university of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ/N.J Dental School.

He then practiced general dentistry for 5 years before becoming a specialist in Orthodontics at the New Jersey Dental School. He has been in private practice in South Florida, involved in organized dentistry and has being a lecturer at various residency programs, dental study groups and communities in the last 30 years.

Dr. Orlando Dominguez, DMD


  • Auburn Univeristy, University of Florida, New Jersey Dental School, New Jersey Dental School Dept. Of Orthodontics .
  • Bachelor of Science - Florida International University 
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery - Univ. of Michigan-School of Dentistry


  • Miami Dade Dental Society,
  • CEOLA,
  • International Abs. of Orthodontics,
  • Miami Dade Dental Resource Centers. Community Smiles

Get to know Dr. Dominguez:


Chairside style: Friendly relaxed, personal but detailed and professional.

Why did you become a dentist? it allows me to interact and establish personal relationships with the patients with individual freedom and without institutional restraints.

Favorite part of your job:  The gratification experience by the patient from the positive quality of life enhancing experiences and outcomes. 

Best advice you’ve ever received: To thyself be true and the golden rule.

Place you go to escape the office: Fishing.

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